The aim of the workshop department is to create a rich learning environment to support the development, collaboration, and proliferation of these arts by facilitating a unique series of workshops and classes throughout the course of the event. The primary attractions are spinning, hooping, juggling, and similarly related fire and flow arts workshops, but FireDrums also hosts a strong live drumming and aerial arts program in addition to a variety of performance, dance, business, and yoga workshops. Firewalking will also be returning to FireDrums this year!

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Greetings Instructors!
FIreDrums offers a variety of opportunities to lead workshops for the community, including sponsored instructors, volunteer instructors, and renegade workshops. It should be generally understood that FireDrums is a small, tightly knit event created by flow artists for flow artists, and therefore operates in a manner intended to sustain the event’s intimate nature for years to come. As such, FireDrums should not be thought of as a “gig” for financial gain, but intended to be a valuable and enriching experience where participants and instructors alike can gather, learn and grow together.
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